Audio Distribution

Custom Audio Distribution Systems

Imagine a new home... Open the door and watch him in his workshop storing his tools at the sound of a jazz trio. On the main floor, she relaxes in the bathtub while listening to her favorite quartet. In the playroom, the children and their friends are singing loudly along with their favorite idol, the loudspeakers vibrating.

All of them are controlling their choice of music and the sound level in each of the rooms of the house through built-in loudspeakers or sound columns. Various sources (A/V receiver, CD player, DVD, iPod, XM radio) placed together or in different rooms can be controlled and shared in a simultaneous way by means of tactile panels and of volume controls placed in various areas.

You have just entered the universe of the multi-room audio.

This system can let you create a sound atmosphere, which is appropriate for every room, or diffuse a unique rhythm in the entire house.

Opt for a more economic approach by optimizing your existing sound system with the addition of some quality components or let us propose a more complete system such as a multi-zone controller, an audio and video server, keypads and touchscreens, built-in loudspeakers etc.

Whether you choose one approach or the other, a multi-room audio system is a complement to be considered during the purchase and the construction of your new home. Let us design and install your new multi-room audio system.

Stop imagining and take advantage!

Audio distribution systeme
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